Thoughts on Tech: Reserve Your Username For Good!

3034401-inline-i-1-earlyclaim-usernamesI have always wondered how certain people got the usernames @john or @mike on social networks such as Twitter or Instagram. How early were they involved in the launch of those platforms? How do I get @kyle for some cool app that gets huge? Even my full name @kyledineen (which is a rare name) is not available on a few sites. Well... Earlyclaim to the rescue!Earlyclaim is a new startup that secures your preferred username for new social networks that they collaborate with, so you don't have to worry about being in the early crew to sign up for a specific network. It is free to sign up, and when a new platform signs up with Earlyclaim, your name is automatically reserved. The site sends you daily digest emails with the various partners it has secured your username with and creates a unique email address to use for your login. Of course it only works if new startups sign up with the service, but with early tech adopters all ready to jump on your platform, why not!Original article from FastCompany can be found HERE.Kyle (@kyledineen)