Redditors Revolt!

Reddit has always prided itself on being a venue for open conversation throughout the Internet on a plethora of topics. However, the recent Reddit controversy has left many users in a rage. It all started with the firing of popular administrator, Victoria Taylor, who was largely in charge of Reddit's "Ask Me Anythings." Much of the outrage has also been triggered by the subsequent shut-down of many popular sub-Reddits, including r/Movies and r/Music.It has been apparent that tension has been lurking in the Reddit community for a while. Many users have complained about the company's efforts on becoming a self-sustaining business rather than an online community. CEO Ellen Pao has also been under fire for commercializing the site and censoring certain sub-Reddits. Pao mentioned in a comment on Monday, "I mean it when I say we screwed up, and we want to have a meaningful ongoing discussion," she writes. "I know we've drifted out of touch with the community as we've grown and added more people, and we want to connect more."Read more about it here.