Project WomenKIND Aims to Help Overcome Body Image Issues

Jessica Vander Leahy and fellow curvy model friends band together to form Project WomenKIND, a YouTube series to address the topic of women struggling with body image issues. Leahy got the idea after floods of women sought her out for self-esteem advice. She told Mashable, "Those exchanges sort of made me feel like there is an important part of the conversation surrounding body image and how women feel about themselves here despite our culture's obsessive body focus."This is a great campaign that motivates women to recognize that they are more than what they see in the mirror. The first series of videos features Leahy along with models Olivia Langdon, Sophie Sheppard, Stefania Ferrario and Margaret Macpherson talking about their personal journey with body image issues and how they overcame their insecurities.Check out the teaser trailer below!