PewDiePie Makes an Appearance on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert'

"I wanna thank the Internet for allowing their emperor to be here for the evening," joked Stephen Colbert, but rightfully so. Felix Kjellberg, better known as YouTube's biggest sensation PewDiePie, made his US mainstream television debut last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.The world's most popular YouTuber (with nearly 40 million subscribers) discussed his unconventional career as a self-broadcasting "Let's Play" gamer. He likened its appeal to "hanging out" and "sitting with a friend on a couch" playing games together. PewDiePie also discussed the process of how he chose his username, the release of his new game Legend of the Brofist, and his propensity to swear on camera.Unlike Kimmel, Colbert refreshingly acknowledged PewDiePie's success on the digital platform, giving props while simultaneously poking fun at YouTube and the sheer ridiculousness of what his guest does for a living. In the explosion of the digital era, Internet bloggers and vloggers are becoming huge influencers in media. It'll be interesting to see how PewDiePie's online following affects Colbert's TV ratings, if it does at all.Check out the clip below: