Our Top 5 Holiday Flicks to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

If you're not listening to holiday music nonstop or filled with an unprecedented amount of holiday cheer yet, we're here to fix that.Coming right up, Cashmere's Top 5 Holiday Flicks! You can watch them all in one sitting, binging on your favorite comfort food, or you can parse them out to keep your spirits high throughout the season.A Christmas Carol (1984)a-christmas-carolA little older on our list, but indisputably a classic, if you're not in the holidays spirit after watching this, you're definitely a Scrooge through and through.Home Alone (1990)home-aloneIconic, there's no question Home Alone would make it on our list . Who didn't watch this as a kid and think "I could totally do that if my parents forgot about me..."?!Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)how-the-grinch-stole-christmas...and our hearts - Jim Carey is hilarious and lovable as the mean ol' Grinch in this classic, our hearts swell three sizes bigger every time we watch.Bad Santa (2003)bad-santaA little less family friendly than the other choices on our list, but this raunchy comedy is a hilarious option to the holiday movie.Elf (2003)elf-film"You sit on a throne of lies" if you tell us you don't think this movie is worthy of this list, you've probably never seen Will Ferrell dancing in an elf costume at all. It's a must.Sit back and eat something sugary and maybe one giant CHEESE PIZZA while you watch these classics over the holiday break!