Our Game of Thrones Recap: WTF Melisandre!

If you saw Sunday's highly-anticipated Season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones, you'll know what we're talking about. If you haven't seen it yet, what in the Seven Kingdoms have you been doing?! You're missing out on Lena Headey's incredible acting, we'll tell you that much.To be fair, this episode was a giant recap and moved at the pace of a dying snail, so here's my quick recap: *SPOILER ALERT

  • They didn't even bother burying Jon Snow (screw you, Olly).
  • Aliser Thorne is truly the Donald Trump of Castle Black.
  • Ramsay's desperation is still showing.
  • Cersei has more salt poured on her wound with the death of her daughter.
  • Margaery still riding the struggle bus of atonement.
  • So good to see Tyrion and Varys back together.
  • Jorah's magic Herpes is still spreading.
  • Daenerys meets another Khal. (Sadly, no dragons in this ep.)
  • Arya's as blind as a bat, poor thing.
  • Naked Melisandre, what's new?

Numerous fan theories have popped up since the shocking visual; your guess is as good as mine about what the heck happened at the end. The most pressing question leading to this premiere has been: is Jon Snow dead or alive? By the time the credits start rolling, he's still pretty lifeless. Hopefully, this new (old?) Melisandre and her Lord of Light will throw a wrench into the circle of life, as it appears to be her sole mission to do so.Think she'll sacrifice herself for Jon? Who knows, but we do know we'll be tuning in again next Sunday.

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