Olympics 2016: A Momentous Year for Diversity

The Olympics are undoubtably the most anticipated and the most exciting global sporting event to watch. This year's 2016 Olympic games, taking place in Rio, have been particularly inspiring and groundbreaking. Only about a week and half into the games, spectators and viewers all over the world have already witnessed history being made - incredible athletic performances that have broken world records and dominated headlines. The United States has been very busy celebrating their gold medal-winning atheletes including Michael Phelps, Katie Ledecky and Simone Biles. However, the outstanding athletic achivement that has been demonstrated by the games' frontrunners is not the only noteworthy accomplishment from the 2016 Olympic games. Also well-deserving of celebration and attention is the level of diversity that has been displayed.

Below, Cashmere Agency breaks down our standout moments from the games so far:

Simone manuel

5) Michael Phelps finishes his Olympic career with his 23rd gold medal -  and sets the record for the most gold medals won by any one individual.

4) Usain Bolt claims the title of the fastest man alive after winning the men's 100M dash for Jamaica.

3) Tennis star Monica Puig wins women's singles, becoming the first Puerto Rican to win a gold medal.

2) Michelle Carter wows viewers with her strength and becomes the first US woman to go gold for shot put.

1) Simone Manuel makes history as the first Black woman to win an individual swimming medal (and a gold medal at that).

These unforgettable moments are certainly some of the most pioneering in Olympics history. Here at Cashmere, we can't wait to see what else this year's diverse competitors are able to accomplish.