Office Poll: How Do You Stream Music?

Computer keyboard with music keyOne thing that we at Cashmere have in common is our love for music! There are many different online mediums where we discover new music and hone our passions for different artists each day. With all of the music/radio streaming services at our fingertips, we decided to conduct a survey to see which service our office uses the most: Spotify, Rdio, Pandora or the new iTunes Radio which was unveiled with the launch of iOS 7 last week.Our results yielded an overwhelming leaning towards Spotify because of its user-friendly interface, its ability to create personalized playlists, and social media and brand integration. However, with iOS 7 still fairly new in its launch phase and with the positive buzz that's been generated thus far, could iTunes Radio win over the likes of our die-hard Spotify fans? It's certainly a different way of streaming music than Spotify, so are they competing in the same lane?It's time for you to weigh in... do you agree or disagree with us? Which is your favorite: Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, iTunes Radio, or some other service?Let us know!