Newcastle Wins Again with Super Bowl Spoof Ad

Last year, English beer brand Newcastle made a big splash with its "If We Made It" campaign, a website showing fans what their ads would have looked liked if they could afford the 4M+ price tag for a 30 second spot during the game. Their intention was to reach a younger demographic with honesty and humor, featuring a series of videos centered around the lead up to the commercial, which was never actually produced. They included a behind-the-scenes video featuring Anna Kendrick, a video showing an epic story board, and a series of clips of planning meetings and focus groups. The campaign as a whole became a huge hit, gaining major attention on social media and the blogosphere, where their core demographic lives and breathes.This year, as a follow up to their successful campaign of 2014, the brand and their agency, Droga5, had to come up with a unique and interesting follow-up. Over the years, one of the biggest features of the Super Bowl marketing thunderstorm has been the Doritos commercials, which feature the winning submission from a crowd-sourced contest for the best amateur submission. This year, Newcastle took on the famous ad contest by making one of their own, again inserting them into the Super Bowl marketing conversation without spending the big bucks to buy it. Another great move that is sure to showcase their personality to their core consumer. See the new video spot below.

Doritos Spoof Commercial - 2015

Story Board Teaser Video - 2014