New Music Friday: 'Awaken My Love!' is Here

Its been a big year for the multi hyphenate, extremely talented, Donald Glover. Most recently he has received widespread acclaim for his hit FX TV show, Atlanta. But this week Glover has us singing his praises for other reasons.Those reasons you ask? Glover, who releases his music under the name Childish Gambino, launched his long awaited album 'Awaken My Love!' today. Portions of the album were previewed as early as 2015 when Gambino played select songs from the upcoming album at the Bonnaroo music festival. The 11 track album takes a different shape than Gambino's previous work in both style and tone. The album is surprisingly comprised solely of funk and soul tones rather than modern rap and features solely Gambino's vocals throughout. In a recent Billboard Interview Gambino said he approached the album "as an exercise in just feeling and tone."And although there are no guest collaborations on the album, it was created with Gambino's long time collaborator Ludwig Göransson.cw30bbjuaaabeny-e1478751627644'Awaken my Love' comes at the perfect time to close out a year full of highly anticipated album drops and truly catches our attention with its unique style influenced by funkadelic '70s music. While this album definitely caught our millennial ears off-guard, our instant favorites include "Me And Your Mama", "California" and "Redbone". We think this will be the kind of slow burning album that we grow to love and appreciate even more over time. For now, we're just thankful for the Donald Glovers of the world who continue to create unique, interesting, thought-provoking art that challenges our current norms.The album is available on Itunes or stream it here. Enjoy!