Thoughts on Tech: Net Neutrality And What It Means To Us

445333482_2758094a5a_zWith all of the crazy things happening in the news recently, from the California wildfires to Jay Z & Solange's elevator brawl, the Net Neutrality vote in with the FCC is sliding under the radar. But it's a huge deal. Its a crucial decision for businesses, entrepreneurs, and you. Here is a breakdown of how this fight over the "Open Internet" affects everyone on the web.The idea of Net Neutrality works like this. Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Verizon, Comcast, or Time Warner would offer everyone the same internet speed, whether you are Hulu, Facebook, or a regular user at home. It would not be able to offer different connection speed based on who you are, which is currently unregulated. The ISP's are fighting back, saying they should be able to charge large amounts to businesses for faster connection, like driving in a fast toll lane. Everyone else would travel in the slow lane, even if you are a big web company who doesn't pay.This could be very detrimental to small businesses and start-ups. Imagine if the ISPs charged big companies like ESPN for faster speed, but your brand new sports blog can't afford it, almost completely slowing your growth. Even though big companies may benefit from this deal, they are fighting for the small guys and battling the FCC and the courts for full neutrality.The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) met today to vote on a new set of rules, which would foster innovation but not completely regulate the ISPs. The vote passed 3-2, but now it goes to an open forum where proponents of the "Open Internet" can give ideas and feedback. The story is still developing but this could be a really big decision for the future of the web.Check out a full recap from Mashable on today's FCC vote. You can also see a detailed recap from the New York Times HERE.To get a quick rundown of the concept, watch this video below:[youtube]- Kyle (@kyledineen)