NBA Free Agency...What Just Happened?

Today was the first day of NBA Free Agency and it was crazy. With an estimated total of $1 billion dollars,  it was a wild day of deals, trades and big money moving around.Big moves: Tyson Chandler decided to sign a HUGE contract with Phoenix, Spurs traded Tiago Splitter to Atlanta in hopes to get LaMarcus Aldridge, Anthony Davis signed a fat 5-year $143 million dollar contract with New Orleans and Kevin Love is officially staying in Cleveland.So far, that leaves the Los Angeles Lakers and New York Knicks empty handed in the free agent market.With the LA Clippers signing of Paul Pierce, that essentially guarantees DeAndre Jordan's return to LA right? Well that leaves Robin Lopez and Kostas Koufos in line to earn some big money from Dallas or New York.Can't wait to see what day two of free agency has in store for us!