MMXLII Roundup!

mmxlii-1351557362_600Our friends at MMXLII are all about celebrating and exploring the increasingly important topic of diversity. Here's a roundup highlighting some of the thought-provoking posts they've created this week, including interviews with Youtube star Timothy DeLaGhetto and viral rapper/Vine star Riff Raff! Make sure to subscribe to their Youtube channel!MMXLIIs speaks to Riff Raff in their latest Countdown to 2042 video. He says "Money ain't racist!"[youtube=]Wherein MMXLII investigates cultural attitudes towards behinds: Flo Rida’s “Can’t Believe It” Illustrates Changing Perceptions of Beauty and the Rise of the BootyMMXLII talks to Timothy DeLaGhetto on Tokenism, YouTube, and Asians in Media in this two-part interview.[youtube=][youtube=]Follow MMXLII:TwitterFacebookYoutube