We Love The New Luxe Valet App, The Uber For Parking

IMG_3563Many of us living in LA have experienced the cultural and lifestyle change afforded by the rise of ride-sharing apps Uber and Lyft. It has changed our transportation options in both our business and personal lives, and made getting around the city that much easier. Let's face it, having payment info stored on your phone and being able to get around at the touch of a finger is revolutionary in transportation, and it's only going to get better.However, if we do end up driving to our destination, then a bigger problem comes into play, especially in LA and SF, which is parking. This can be one of the biggest nightmares us as Angelenos face on a daily basis, affecting our decisions on where we shop, eat, and play. What if we could eliminate this problem by having someone come park our car for us anywhere we go? That is the premise of the new Luxe Valet app, a shared economy model that brings a valet parking attendant to our location via mobile app.Luxe Valet launched in SF, as most apps do, but recently was brought to four markets in LA, Venice, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Downtown. Basically, when you are arriving in one of their "zones" you can hail a valet driver via the app, and within about 15 minutes the attendant will come pick up your car and park it in a partner garage somewhere nearby. When you want to leave, let the app know you are ready and they will bring the car back to you. The cost of the service is $5 per hour, or $15 maximum, which is cheap for some areas of LA. It also frees us from having to find the right lot or having cash on hand to pay.There are still kinks and various issues to work out, as well as growing competition from similar services, but I will say this trend will catch on as supply and demand grows. The service will gain more garages, more drives, and the prices will be driven down, just like the past 12 months for Uber and Lyft.*Info gathered from LA Weekly.- Kyle (@kyledineen)