Lorde Seeks Firey Revenge in New Disclosure Video 'Magnets'

Lorde is back and is as badass as ever in Disclosure's new music for 'Magnets.' This song is one of my favorites off of on Disclosure's new LP, Caracal, and this video definitely cranks up the heat!She is clearly all grown up in the video for her latest collaboration with Disclosure, all dressed in latex and having an illicit affair with her on-screen lover. "Magnets" builds as their relationship heats up, with Lorde crooning the scintillating but foreboding hook, "Let's embrace the point of no return."Amidst Lorde's torrid scenes with the man, his ties with his wife grow stilted and strained. At the end, however, the two women join forces, and Lorde kicks him into the water and sets him ablaze.Lorde explained the premise of the video on Tumblr, and it turns out the women were co-conspirators all along.Watch the video below!https://youtu.be/b_KfnGBtVeA