LA Wins the 2028 Olympics

Los Angeles was recently announced as the host city of the Olympics in 2028.  Although, L.A. had originally intended to host the 2024 games, the International Olympic Committee decided to give the games to Paris, France, while at the same time announcing L.A. as a future host.

This won’t be the City of Angels first time hosting the international event. L.A. hosted twice before in 1932 and 1984, which helped in securing its bid.

Hosting an Olympics comes with it’s ups and downs. The advantages are the surge in tourism and infrastructure that comes with hosting an international event that draws fans from all over the world. However, cities and nations are often left to foot the bill to build extravagant stadiums and housing for athletes and fans. 2016 hosts, Rio de Janeiro are already seeing the decay of unused Olympic facilities that weren’t converted for longer use.

Los Angeles has the advantage of not only already having the infrastructure and facilities to host such a large event, but their 1984 Olympics hosting is held in high regard of being the only Olympics that did not put its host city or nation into debt. Thanks to L.A. sports fans, many arenas and grounds are ready to meet Olympic standards, especially the new Rams stadium being constructed in Inglewood by 2019. The city is also no stranger to tourists, with many hotels scattered throughout the area.

NBC Universal is the U.S. broadcaster for the Olympics through 2032, and it will be interesting to see how advances in media, sports and advertising will evolve when the torch reaches sunny L.A.