LA RESTORES Philippines Benefit: Party for a PURPOSE Tonight!

LARESTORES_Philippines_IG_4-1PURPOSE: #LA_RESTORES - A benefit event dedicated to raise funds for 200 RESTORE PROJECT: Mission efforts in the Philippines (May & June 2014) aiming to provide assistance to help rebuild and restore the lives of the families who were affected by the worst storm in recorded history last November 2013- Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda.This mission trip will hit the ground floor of Visayas, aiming to bring hope and help people get their lives back with sustainable living.GOAL: To raise funds by throwing a party for a purpose, where all the proceeds will go directly towards the mission efforts that will be providing assistance and necessities to surviving families in the Philippines that need to rebuild their homes and restore their lives.WHEN: Tuesday, May 13th from 8pm-2amWHERE: Lock & Key. 239 S Vermont Avenue(Cyrus, the owner, has graciously donated his space to our restoration efforts. He’s donating 30% of the profits from the night to our cause.)$20 Donation at the door | 100% of the proceeds will go towards the 200 RESTORE PROJECT#LA_RESTORES #PhilippinesBenefitMore about 200 RESTORE PROJECT Mission TripBackground of Typhoon Haiyan: The Philippines is still in an urgent state of calamity due to what has been described by the mainstream media as the worst storm in recorded history last November 2013- Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. The Social Welfare and Development Department reported that the storm affected 4.28 million people in 270 towns and cities spread across 36 provinces in Central Philippines. Super Typhoon Yolanda packed a blow on Philippine structures 3.5 times more forceful than Hurricane Katrina in 2005. As many as 10,000 lives have been claimed thus far and it is estimated many thousands more will parish due to homelessness, hunger, dehydration and lack of medical aid. The lack of infrastructure, extreme poverty and neglect from the Philippine government continues to worsen the devastation of the many thousands of women and children who have been impacted. Haiyan killed about 6,000 people and destroyed many homes and infrastructure in the Visayas region, and until now, families are still rebuilding their lives and homes.