LA PRIDE Music Festival and Parade

In its 46th year, the LA PRIDE Music Festival and Parade took place this past weekend as thousands took to the streets of West Hollywood. Throughout the weekend, some huge names in music like Carly Rae Jepsen, Krewella, Gallant, and Charlie XCX, among many others, showed their support and advocacy for gay rights and performed at the festival. light of the events in Orlando early Sunday morning, LA PRIDE participators showed their love and solidarity with Orlando throughout the day, which made the parade that much more impactful, as thousands came together to not only advocate gay rights, but to also show their solidarity with those impacted in Orlando on the opposite end of the country. further support was Lin-Manuel Miranda at the Tony Awards, as he read a beautifully-written sonnet for one of his acceptance speeches. It reads: "Love is love is love is love."