LA Art Walk at The Brewery

ArtWalk-9This weekend I had the pleasure of hosting an art showcase at one of the spaces at the LA Brewery.  The bi-annual LA Art Walk at The Brewery in downtown hosts over 100 art, music, and tech showcases at the world’s largest artist-in-residence complex.ArtWalk-1ArtWalk-2Centered around the infamous Brewery formerly owned by Pabst, the two-day event brought in thousands of people to enjoy the arts, food, drinks, and good vibes.ArtWalk-4The organization that I helped found, The Donuts, is a community artist collective of DJs, artists, photographers, live musicians, videographers, vendors, and more.We held a two day showcase to display art work from a few of our friends, as well as live DJ sets and musical performances.  We also had two vintage clothing and music pop-up vendors.ArtWalk-5The Brewery complex is huge, so it takes two full days to see all of the awesome gallery and living spaces.ArtWalk-3I checked out an organic cooking class, the makers of educational interactive video games, art installation builders, film makers, 3D painters, and much more.  Here are a few pics of our weekend in DTLA!ArtWalk-6 ArtWalk-7 ArtWalk-8 -Kyle(Twitter|Instagram)

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