'Kong: Skull Island' Stands Tall at the Box Office

‘Kong: Skull Island’ reigned supreme this past weekend at the box office. The reimagined monster film debuted strong in both ticket stubs and strong critical acclaim against other box office favorites ‘Logan,’ ‘Lego Batman' and others. As reported by Variety, Kong: Skull Island earned a $61 million domestic total in its opening weekend. The number smashed estimates that it would earn in the range of $45-50 million. It's international reach is expected to vastly increase this reach. See the international trailer here.The film is not only jam packed with adventure and a variety of monstrous beasts, but also highlights an important message involving how we treat others who are different from ourselves. As an office filled with people dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion, it's a film that certainly resonated with us.Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 5.38.52 PMThe film stars the titular giant ape along with other big name stars such as Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Hiddleston and Brie Larson. Taking place during the waning days of the Vietnam War, the backdrop are the mysterious hidden jungles of Southeast Asia, and not the familiar concrete jungle of New York of Kong’s past.It's unique, creative marketing tactics helped to drive this movies success. Its innovating website functioned as a landing page where viewers could directly land of the film's synopsis, social pages, and Spotify playlist. A “Destination: Skull Island” VR experience was created that took people inside the mission to the island as the crew of the choppers gets a first-hand look at the monsters that live there. Lastly, a live colossal stunt throughout Los Angeles helped to build anticipation for the premiere. Huge Kong footprints were placed in unexpected locations throughout the city, drawing mass attention to this BIG film.The mega box office hit is still in theaters, so grab a seat and get carried away by a new Kong.