Thoughts On Tech: Be Kimd, Enjoy The Show!

3paFQecxV8RGAzGUCAJPFiiX7jWjYXd1riZwXWBP3QABeing the constant concert-goers that we are, our staff members have noticed many growing trends during live shows. One of the most obvious being the increased use of smartphones during these concerts. With the need to Tweet, Facebook, and Instagram every magical moment of the show, we are all guilty of pulling out our phones multiple times throughout the night. This has caused a backlash from performers and attendees alike, seeing this new trend as distracting to those around you just trying to enjoy the music.The people have over at Kimd believe they have the solution. Their new app (currently iPhone only but Android in development) is aiming to avoid the distraction of bright cell phone lights by allowing you to take photos and videos with a dimmed screen. You can open the app, press once to snap a photo, hold the button to capture video, and avoid any flash from your camera. It also has its own dedicated content library and easy upload to social media platforms. There are a few more features we would love to see included, like photo-stitching of all your show photos together, but this is the first version of the app and future developments are sure to come.Check out the video below and go download the app before you head out to your favorite shows this weekend![vimeo 97566515 w=640 h=330]Kimd App - Light from Kimd on Vimeo.- Kyle (@kyledineen)