Is Pastelle Making A Comeback?

Editor's Note: This was written by our intern Trey Gilliam. When Kanye West gives you his lost clothing brand at age 23, you’re going to get a lot of attention immediately. Model and style entrepreneur Ian Connor, also known as The King of the Youth, has been chosen by Mr. West himself to revive the long-lost Pastelle clothing line.West’s vision for Pastelle was born in the summer of 2004, when the visuals for the hit song “The New Workout Plan” were released. Kanye West appears wearing a bear polo. This polo would be the blueprint for later project concepts.But before Pastelle was even a legitimate brand, West had bigger plans. He wanted to do collaborations and runway previews. Although Kanye announced collaborations with designer George Gorrow in May of 2008, administrative decisions were processed but never fully executed. Later that year, in July 2008, Kanye previewed his first official Pastelle item at the Dior Fashion show in Paris, France. Throughout 2009, West flexed his new Pastelle apparel from the AMA’s to the YSL Fashion show, and then the highly anticipated Pastelle lookbook was released in Fall 2009. The public was ready to see what West had to offer to the world of fashion. Unfortunately, after the pictures surfaced on the Internet, reputable sources reported that the Pastelle line would never be released to the public. The line has caused major controversy throughout it’s mid 2000’s peak, but now it has made its way back into the spotlight with a new school style, forefronted by no other than Ian Connor.Ian Connor is a 23 year-old stylist born in New York City and raised in the realms of Atlanta, Georgia. Connor utilized social media outlets such as Tumblr and Twitter to promote his early streetwear brand “L3NF”. Connor gained recognition when designer Will Fry created the Ian Connor mesh t-shirt. The tee features Connor’s face repeatedly printed throughout the shirt, and since the release, has been popularized by numerous rappers. After Connor’s semi-success, he started to become in association with the A$AP Mob through long time friend of A$AP Bari. The connection to Bari eventually drew him close in relation with Rocky, which later led Connor to be Rocky’s creative director. As Connor’s name began to grow in the world of fashion. Pop culture idols such as Kylie Jenner began to utilize his aid with his innovative concepts and different approach on streetwear.Earlier this year in March, Connor brought the teaser of the brand to his Instagram, which he captioned “Kanye’s Gift To Me.” Connor’s newly improved line was supposed to be released on May 14th, but it has yet to be. Throughout the last few weeks, however, Connor has previewed Pastelle’s jewelry collection manufactured by rap jewelry icon, Ben Baller.The youth’s obsession with Ian Connor is a little unusual. The 23 year-old prodigy has inspired a new wave of fashion throughout the past year-and-a-half, and he does not seem to be slowing down. Connor brings a different approach to the world of streetwear than  anyone else has in the past. His influence on the youth is direct and indirect at the same time. If Kanye rocks an outfit styled by Ian Connor, millennials and centennials everywhere will follow his style and try to imitate it, because it is thought of as “urban” and “cool”. Although, Connor has a following of his own too where he directly reaches his fan base. Young fashionistas across the globe use him for style inspiration and it is evident that the world of fashion is changing through his inventiveness.