Is Hip Hop Ready to Publicly Embrace Homosexuality?

6667119147_f155400075_z-1Recently, mainstream singer/songwriter/rapper Frank Ocean and NBA superstar center Jason Collins coming out were huge strides for the LGBT community. However, many individuals in the Hip Hop world still fear the challenge of this discussion and continue to force the subject/culture back into the underground.Recently our very own VP Ryan Ford gave Todd Williams of some insight on the subject. "The journey of gay rights is similar to Hip Hop in its early evolution," said Ford. "Early on, as Hip Hop was coming of age, it was shunned at first, then caught hold and is now mainstream. Gay rights are following that same path."So the question still remains... When will the Hip Hop culture embrace homosexuality? Ryan says "gay rights will be accepted in Hip Hop at the same pace they are accepted in America." Do you agree? Let us know in the comments!Read the full article on Forbes!