Immaculate Hair Game: Snoop Dogg Invades BeautyCon

Cashmere snagged Snoop Dogg and invaded BeautyCon this past weekend! Our very own VP of Publicity Brianne Pins and publicist Chardae Jenkins hosted the Immaculate Hair Game panel featuring Snoop Dogg. From curls and pressed to braids and dreadlocks, Snoop has had an immaculate 25 year hair journey. Having quite possibly the best hair in Hip Hop history, Snoop has been hair goals to people all over the world. The daughter of the late Michael Jackson, Paris, even idolizes Snoop's hair as she tweeted, "My messy bun will never look as cute or as perfect as Snoop Dogg's bun." Snoop's hair is not only important to his identity but to the Hip Hop culture and identity for black people across the globe.

As we all know Snoop is a man of many talents and a mainstay in the business for over 25 years - he is truly is an entertainment icon. In addition to an amazing career in TV, Radio, Film and more one of the things that consistently stays on point is his hair. At BeautyCon, we walked the audience through a variety of styles Snoop has rocked, and discussed the hair style and its importance to culture and the time period he was in.