ICYMI: Industry News Blog 9/12

Likes, ads, and subscriptions: in this edition of our ICYMI Industry News feature, we take a deeper dive into how social media platforms continue to change the game for marketers. We also take a look at how a major soda brand is changing the game with its social-only approach to advertising.


The Death Of The Like: How Advertisers Can Adjust Influencer Marketing Strategies For Instagram’s Recent Update

Right now, Instagram is testing out its new policy on removing likes from public view on posts in seven different countries. As marketers prepare for the drastic change to hit the States, AdAge discusses how influencer marketing strategies can be adjusted to account for the change.

Source: AdAge


In Shift To Digital Video And OTT, Fanta Isn’t Spending Ad Dollars On TV This Year 

Coca-Cola, the parent brand behind Fanta, has put a full stop on traditional television ads for the soda brand. Fanta is directing 100% of their efforts and ad dollars to target Gen-Z directly on the mediums that matter most to them.

“Video is a really important medium for us, but we want to connect with teens how they are now consuming video, and that’s through online videos and OTT,” said Tutul Rahman, Fanta brand director. “We’re leveraging a format that we’ve always used but connecting with the new generation the way they consume it, which just happens to not be TV.”

Source: Digiday


Quit Hitting Refresh: Twitter Is Testing A Subscribe To Tweet Replies Feature

Could you imagine a world where the Twitter users, tweets, and threads you want to see most are delivered directly to you? Well, Twitter has been testing a new feature to do just that. Users may soon be able to subscribe to their favorite Twitter threads and get a push notification every time that thread is updated. For marketers, this could open up a new world of promotional opportunities and delivering updates directly to fans.

Source: Digital Trends

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