I Watched Star Wars For The First Time This Weekend And Here Are My Thoughts

Somehow in my 22 years I managed to skip one of the greatest movie franchises of all time and had never seen a single episode of Star Wars, until this past weekend, when I decided to watch all six movies in a row, starting with Episode 1. Here are some of my thoughts:1. Jar Jar Binks might be the most unnecessary character in the history of all characters. Props to George Lucas for dreaming up one of the most punchable faces ever created..2. Anakin and Padme getting together in the second movie is like every young boy's who's ever had a crush on their babysitter's dream come true.3. How come by Episode 3 Natalie Portman turns into the most useless female in the galaxy? She just loses the will to live? Didn't she rule an entire planet when she was 16?4. Episode 4: Still don't know why Darth Vader is that bad?5. Episode 5: By far my favorite episode. Action sequences were awesome and the light saber fight at the end was dope. Not to mention this was shot in the 80s with no CGI or any other crazy special effects.6. I'm gonna be honest I haven't finished Episode 6 yet. At some point this weekend I had a Star Wars related dream and decided I needed a break.Final thoughts: I am firmly Team Hayden Christiansen at this point and if he asked me to join the Dark Side I would probably do it. Can't wait for Episode 7!