I Survived Holy Ship

I was invited out to work stage production for Holy Ship, a 3 night EDM festival that takes place on a cruise ship. I've been to a lot of the major music festivals, but Holy Ship is definitely one of the wildest. International waters = Anything goes.

DSC06800 copy DSC06793 copyThe ship was massive! I felt at home thanks to the all you can eat buffet, gym, spa.. Actually, this was nothing like home, more like heaven!

DSC06847 copyThere were about 5 stages on the ship that had the top DJ/Producers blasting music at all hours. It was nonstop.

DSC06728 copy DSC06657 copy DSC06711 copyI escaped from work once we reached the Bahamas, which was beyond relaxing.  -Whoopi(@whoopthis)

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