How the Digital World is Influencing Your Holiday Shopping List

Cyber Monday has been providing shoppers with a relaxing alternative to the Black Friday madness the past few years, allowing individuals to take advantage of post-Thanksgiving deals and sales without the 4AM wake up calls, overwelming crowds, and aggressive fellow shoppers hunting for has become increasingly evident that social media and digital marketing will be more influential than ever before when it comes to our holiday shopping habits. In addition to targeted Facebook ads, promoted posts on Instagram, online holiday gift guides, and a plethora of Pinterest links - Instagrammers, bloggers, and YouTubers will partner with various brands to advertise their products this Christmas season. Social influencers will  leverage their large followings and create original content to sway purchasing decisions. As many brands have already experienced, having these influencers as their holiday spokespeople and content creators is often far more lucrative than traditional ad the ongoing momentum that social media and influencers have been experiencing in regards to marketing and branding, CNN has just announced its acquisition of the startup, Beme, a video-sharing app co-founded by YouTube sensation Casey Neistat and Matt Hackett. Details of the acquisition have not yet been diclosed, but the venture is supposed to target millennial viewers. As an agency that emphasizes catering to the multicultural millenial market, we are interested to see what the acqusition will mean for marketing beyond the holiday season.In celebration of Cyber Monday...happy shopping!