Hennessy V.S Releases New Limited Edition Shepard Fairey Bottle

http://instagram.com/p/qN7vAaGt4T/?modal=trueHennessy V.S releases their newest Limited Edition artist series bottle featuring renowned artist, Shepard Fairey. From his game-changing “Obey” stickers to iconic Barack Obama “Hope” posters, Shepard Fairey has reshaped the way we appreciate contemporary art. Now, even more fans and collectors will be able to own the latest piece of Fairey’s work with the launch of the Hennessy V.S Limited Edition bottle. This is the fourth in the line of V.S Limited Edition artist series. The new re-imagined classic Hennessy V.S bottle not only draws from Fairey’s signature iconography but infuses imagery paying homage to the historic Cognac brand, striking a beautiful balance between tradition and innovation. Reserve your bottle here!