HBO Reaches Milestone In Push For Inclusion

HBO programming president Casey Bloys has made it his mission to make HBO more diverse and inclusive. In 2014, the Director's Guild of America reported that only 23% of HBO's directors were not white men. With Bloys' vision, HBO has already greenly 11 pilots in 2018 that will be helmed by women. The network isn't stopping there, however. Bloys says that by 2019 more than half of HBO's writers will be made up of women of color, men of color, and white women. HBO's current writer statistics have those three groups making up 43% of their current writing staff.Bloys went a step further and told The Hollywood Reporter, "It's not a difficult thing to do. You need someone to push from the top and have everyone involved in the process."Kudos to executives like Bloys to step up to the plate and match the actions with their words and sentiment.