Hardware Studio Presents: Boyle Heights Yoga Day!

yoga1This past weekend our friends, family, community and Hardware Studio Collective gathered for "Hardware Studio Presents: Boyle Heights Yoga Day!"Sacha Simmons, a Hardware Studio associate demonstrated the “Sampoorna“ yoga style which was the first time the Sampoorna method was taught publicly on the East Side of Los Angeles. The day was broken into two sessions. The event was FREE and open to everyone at any level and included organic beverages, and free leggings for all participants by See You Monday. Check out some of the photos from Azul 213* Amaral’ below and to view the entire album click here. We learned a couple new things, met some amazing people, and felt so good after our session! Also left with some stylish leggings. Thank you Hardware Studio for having a friendly place to be where you feel not only welcome but encouraged to be yourself and strive to be more.About Sampoorna Yoga:The word Sampoorna means "fullness" or "completeness". Shri Yogi Hari's masterful system intelligently integrates six branches of yoga into a blueprint for life. The approach is deep, yet simple and practical. It is designed to help people from all backgrounds to live rich, happy lives based on lasting yogic values. Sampoorna Yoga aids seekers on the path to self-discovery by blending elements of physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual health with tools for self-expression and service to others.A special component for the day was a “yoga pose photo booth.” Attendees had the opportunity to have their photo taken showing off their new poses leading LA photographer, Azul 213* Amaral. To view all photos click here.yoga2yoga3yoga4yoga5