Get Ready! Eddie Huang Is Coming to ABC! those of you who don't know chef, author, TV host and comedian, Eddie Huang, let us introduce you!  Best known for his thrilling restaurant Bao Haus in New York and his hilarious food/lifestyle series on VICE called Fresh Off The Boat, Eddie recently released a memoir of the same name that will now be a featured sitcom on ABC!Following the narrative of his memoir, the ABC series Fresh Off the Boat, is set in the ’90s and comedically retraces Huang’s childhood at a time when he and his Taiwanese family moved from Washington D.C. to Orlando. While adapting to the new environment, the family faces their share of complications in juggling their pursuits of the American dream and maintaining their cultural identity.Like many Americans today, who are first and second (or even third or fourth) generation, this pursuit of living the "American Dream" while trying to maintain culture identity is all too familiar.  That's why we're really excited for the debut of Eddie's sitcom! Plus, it's a HUGE win for Asian Americans in the entertainment space :)Enjoy the trailer above and stay tuned for more from Fresh off the Boat