GET OUT's Cultural Impact is Leading Filmmakers in the Right Direction

The past year has been a big one for Cashmere Agency, and our team has been proud to work on projects that have made waves within the entertainment industry by showcasing breakthrough talent and supporting diversity. Donald Glover's career blew up when he caught the attention of audiences as a multi-talented actor and creator with FX's Atlanta, and most recently, our team had the pleasure of working on the campaign for Jordan Peele's directorial debut - Universal Pictures' GET OUT.

get out

GET OUT has made a huge cultural and industrial impact since it's release, and over opening weekend, the film dominated at the box office (not to mention, received a noteworthy 100% rating on rotten tomatoes.) Peele has been applauded for the way that the African-American experience is portrayed onscreen in the film and for breaking down barriers within black filmmaking. The film has been positioned alongside Moonlight, Hidden Figures, and I Am Not Your Negro as the most groundbreaking films of the year.


Not only is GET OUT enjoying critical and financial success, but the music community has also been vocal about their support for Peele and the movie. Cashmere Agency worked with Universal Pictures and artists Chance the Rapper and Snoop Dogg to host exclusive screenings of the film and facilitate special Q&A sessions.GET OUT's clever combination of horror and comedy, and its underlying racial messages, make it a must see for audiences of all backgrounds. Our team is excited to see how Peele's brainchild will continue to spark important conversations and influence future filmmaking.