Gatorade Creates Tear-Jerking Ad for Derek Jeter's Farewell

Even though I usually write about trends and topics in the technology space, I couldn't help but post one of my favorite ads I have seen in a long time. As a general sports fan, its hard to ignore the global impact that Derek Jeter has had on the game of baseball and athletics in general. Playing his entire career as the face of one of sport's most storied franchises, the New York Yankees, Jeter has been a staple of NY culture since I was young. Gatorade has also been a big part of the sports world for decades, and their relationship with Jeter has been known for many years. It is almost too perfect that Gatorade can symbolize Jeter's farewell lap in one perfect 90 second ad.Watch Derek Jeter's goodbye to NY below! Kyle (@kyledineen)