We're Hooked on FX's Snowfall

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With John Singleton at the helm, 'Snowfall' was hailed early as one of the premiere shows of the summer. With a cast full of talented but unknown actors and a premise based on the crack epidemic of the 80's the show was seen as a calculated risk. However, with high risk comes high reward. Snowfall trended 5 weeks during the season, and ended the season last night with a record breaking evening that saw the show trend in the top 4 for 4 hours straight and peaking at #2. It is safe to say that fans were 'hooked' on this show –all pun intended.

Debuting July 5th, Snowfall follows Franklin Saint played by newcomer Damson Idris as he navigates trying to find his way through the dope game. With subsequent story lines surrounding crooked CIA agent Teddy (Carter Hudson) and the rise of Lucia (Emily Rios) who is looking to replace her father as head of the operations in their family cartel. Anchored by a supporting cast that featured dynamic performances the undertone comes down to MONEY, POWER and RESPECT.

Already renewed for Season 2 'Snowfall' is a hit that has fans and critics feigning for what's next.

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