From Casual Fridays to Dress-Up Wednesdays: Staying Connected

Every Thursday, Cashmere Agency President Seung Chung contributes to our blog. Here's his first post.During my tour in the corporate workplace right out of college, there was a policy of "Business Casual Fridays." That meant that Monday through Thursday, you had to wear a suit and tie; on Fridays, we suit-and-tie-types could "dress down"... or at least down to slacks, dress shoes, and a collared shirt. Basically, we were wearing the same garb sans the tie or suit jacket. This somehow helped boost company morale, but it actually caused me a bit of a dilemma. It led me to want cooler gear and to shop more. I had a ton of suits and fancy business attire, but nothing that fit the spirit of business casual Fridays. This little modicum of happiness "given to me" by my large corporation would cost me money in the end. But it perhaps also provided some personal growth and change, which must have been behind the idea to keep spirits up.When I moved to LA and started this lifestyle marketing company, it was all about streetwear and sneaker culture. So for the last ten years, I became a purveyor of limited edition AF1s and whatever the hipsters on Fairfax were wearing. Everyday was a casual Friday. Now, it has come full circle. As some of the kids in the scene are growing up, there has been a counter-culture of dressing up — baggy went to skinny.Thus, Nick from our business development team (also known as "The Beard"), started Dress-Up Wednesdays. Doing the opposite of what most creative companies do, we get suited & booted on Wednesdays. Again, I faced the dilemma of not having the right gear. My old-ass suits had wide lapels and my ties were not a cool, skinny width. It seems that width matters. All the suits I had amassed were dated. I had to flip the wardrobe game again to keep up.So how you like me now...Seung, suited and booted!