Forbes' Inaugural 30 Under 30 Asia List is Here

Just a few days into 2016, Forbes released its fifth annual "30 Under 30" list highlighting 600 men and women who are the best of the best in 20 different industries. Then Forbes went global and released its first 30 Under 30 Europe, and now the first 30 Under 30 Asia showcasing the 300 millennials disrupting the norm and sparking major changes in the faces of their industries. With 10 categories in total, the list brings together inspiring young leaders in various fields including consumer technology, enterprise technology, the arts, health care & science, media, social entrepreneurship, finance, industry and retail.I just turned 23 today, which I feel like is an awkward year in my 20's because I'm no longer 21 (a rite of passage for most young adults in America) and I'm not yet 25 (I fear for my quarter-life crisis). For a young professional such as myself, these listicles are both so inspiring and so, so daunting. There are too many articles floating around on the Internet about how it's okay that we millennials don't have our lives together yet, but then we get these lists featuring people as young as 19 who are being recognized for their groundbreaking achievements in their respective industries of their respective countries.To be fair, if I don't make it to the "30 Under 30" list in the next seven years, getting on the "World's Billionaires" or the "America's Richest Self-Made Women" list doesn't sound like a bad alternative.

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