Flappy Bird Should Be Called Angry Human

FlappyBirdIf you haven't downloaded Flappy Bird, the latest mobile gaming craze, then consider yourself lucky. You're avoiding a ton of weirdly addictive frustration. The simple objective of the game is to keep your bird flappin' without running into any pipes, with a simple tapping motion. It couldn't be simpler... or harder (our office high score is 21... it's 4 for yours truly). The Verge reports that the game has been making $50,000 dollars a day in ad revenue, which is ridiculous considering the premise of the game.If you're curious, download it here. And if you're a sore loser... prepare yourself for mental hardship every time you run into one of those goshdarn pipes. Unless you happen to be extremely talented at this game. In which case, we'd like to see you play to make up for all the sad, sad times we've had one point games. Put your high score in the comments!