First U.S. Look at EVA's Hello Kitty Airplane!

P1010648Hello Kitty... We're sold on anything related to her. So when we got invited to come out for an early exclusive preview of the new Hello Kitty x EVA Airlines Airplane, we JUMPED at the chance! This is the first time the airplane has been in the United States and we're lucky enough to have it land in our backyard, LAX.Celebrating the launch of the plane's services from LAX to Taipei, Taiwan, our resident Hello Kitty fanatic (Kristen Tambara) was able to see inside the plane first hand! On board, everything was Sanrio-themed from the headrests, pillows and toilet paper to the food served on board!American, Delta, United... Be prepared to step your game up because Hello Kitty and EVA Airlines have just raised the bar!