Ted Chung Hosts Fast Company Creativity-Counter Conference

For the first time ever Fast Company paid tribute to LA's diverse landscape and shined a light on the importance of creativity in business with their first annual FC/LA Creativity-Counter Conference. Cashmere Agency's CEO Ted Chung hosted over 50 executives in the fields of technology, retail, marketing and more, giving them an inside scoop on our company history, founding principles and forecasted trends.Ted Chung kicked off the festivities with a unique explanation of his coined term "MMXLII Mindset"and his perspective on the billion dollar hot sauce market.  Ted also spoke about how he maintains a successful work-life balance and maintains a diverse and progressive workplace.  Our resident MC for the day was Ryan Ford, Cashmere's Chief Creative Officer, who facilitated an in-depth discussion with Cashmere's executive team, providing insight into some Cashmere Agency's most innovative campaigns. A special thank you goes to our event partners Philz Coffee and Aqua Hydrate.