Fashion Retailers Invest in Technology to Enhance Store Experience

It's not news that fashion retail stores (big or small) have been struggling since the rise of e-commerce. So in order to get more traffic back into their physical stores, more and more fashion brands are investing in new technologies to enhance the shopping experience for their customers.As one of the latest examples of this, Ralph Lauren recently launched interactive fitting rooms at their Polo flagship store in New York, allowing shoppers to browse through products and request items they'd like to try on via touchscreen - all without having to leave the fitting room. Sales associates at the store automatically receive and alert and bring the requested items into the "smart fitting room", which also tracks how many items are entering and leaving the room.Watch the video below to see how it works:Similarly, Japanese retailer Uniqlo's Pitt Street store in Sydney launched UMood: a technology that supposedly analyzes a customer's mood via neural technology and recommends a T-shirt that is best fit to match it. (See images below and read more about this activation here.)Uniqlo-1-thumb-400x527-20027820151007_075926-1024x576Gimmicks or not, these new technology in-store installations sure do spark shoppers' curiosity and we will likely see more and more brands investing in similar implementations in an effort to keep consumers walking through their doors.