Fashion Friday Roundup: Permission to check us out granted!

Who says black-and-white only goes in one direction?! We're setting our compass whichever way we please with this hot trend. Our Fashion Friday correspondent Misty sought out the boldest looks from around the office! Click the jump for more.In honor of New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 events kicking off, we have put together a fun fashion round-up showcasing the style that was on display in the office this week. From denim and tribal print tops and bottoms to fashion reflecting a cause or even Snoop album artwork, we're covering it all.Not only do we embrace the renaissance in the online space, but also in our personal styles! Get on board! #TrendLeaders #FashionFridayWhat's your favorite look? Let us know in the comments. –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)Caption: We're suffering from a case of the blues! Blue denim and prints that is... Check out our biz dev and project managers' varying styles and hues of blue tops.  #DirtyDiano — Diana truly owns her name with this look. We love the customized Chucks.Bree reps the PR team in tribal design and accents from head to toe. This is a true definition of a Fashion Committer. Don't dabble in fashion, go all the way. Own It! We're always making fashion statements! This message is particularly close to our hearts. Check out our client, The League of Young Voters, and their anti-gun violence collabo t-shirt with coveted streetwear brand Crooks & Castles. Help us spread the message of non-violence and peace with the hashtag #NoGunsAllowed.