Farewell, Kobe!

Los Angelenos never thought this day would come. Today marks Kobe Bryant's last day as a professional NBA player. As much as Bryant has become a joke in the past couple years-- the aging former star refusing to admit what’s happening to his body—- it’s important to remember that Bryant is one of the five greatest players to ever play the game of basketball. Here are some telling stats that explain why we still think Kobe is DOPE.1. HE'S LOYALNo one else in NBA/ABA history has played nearly two decades (20 years) with the same team.2. HE'S HISTORICBryant’s 81 points in a game in which the Lakers scored 122 is the highest percentage a single player had of his team’s output (66%) and the highest percentage of points one player has ever scored in a a game for both teams (36%) in NBA history.3. HE'S CONFIDENTThe famous ball-hog is actually No. 124 career in assists per game (4.77). Because I know you were wondering, MJ is No. 91 with 5.11.4. HE'S HELLA CONFIDENTLest you think Kobe was just throwing up shots willy-nilly, his .609 shooting percentage that night was his third-highest of the season.5. HE HAS A GOOD SENSE OF HUMORKobe has had some horrible nicknames over the years, some of which we all know, others I’m not so sure about: Black Mamba, KB24, Vino. We repeat, "BLACK MAMBA."6. HE'S A WINNERBryant won four All-Star game MVPs, tied for most ever.Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 1.46.34 PM7- HE LOVES LA, AND SO DO WE!

In his long legacy of a career, Kobe Bryant has done more than break NBA records, he has inspired some of Cashmere's favorite pop culture memes, hip-hop lyrics, and references of all time! Thank you Kobe for your hard work and dedication . Since Kendrick always says it best, we'll let him take it home:https://youtu.be/m-VtsiHUQ60