Fall TV Guide Part 1!

Fall-TVAh, autumn. The evening comes earlier, the weather is breezier than Chris Brown's fan club, and the fall foliage emerges beautifully (that's happening, right? Seasonal distinctions in LA are kind of screwy). We're not afraid to admit that our favorite part of September is the bevy of new material in TV land (wearing sweaters is a close second)! It's the perfect time to publish our fall TV guide! If you don't know what to watch, we're here to make it easy on you (cue Toyota jingle). Without further ado, here is part one of our picks for fall, curated by a couple of television fiends.[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3HAQt2sKC_E&w=640&h=480]Breaking Bad (AMC — series finale 9/29, Sunday at 9/8c)Hands down the greatest show ever! I'm sad to have the series come to a close this Sunday, but it's been more than a thrilling ride. We've enjoyed following the story of Walter White, the innocent chemistry teacher turned badass meth distributor and all the heart-stopping incidences that come along with the territory. I can't wait to see how the series is going to end. –Kristen (Instagram|Twitter)[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBF6ILHW39g&w=640&h=480]The Mindy Project (Fox — Tuesdays at 9:30/8:30c)Season 2 kicked off with a guest appearance from James Franco and nonstop laughs, a clear improvement from an arguably shaky first season saddled with unfocused episodes and casting shakeups. The show has finally found its voice, though it was easy to overlook season 1's shortcomings due to star/creator Mindy Kaling's charismatic portrayal of Dr. Mindy Lahiri, a confident OB/GYN with romantic struggles. An incisively written, witty sitcom, you're going to want to be best friends with pretty much everyone on this show. This is serialized romantic comedy at its finest, given that it's remarkably heavy on the laughs and not too intense with the sappiness factor. The supporting players are brilliant, from Ike Barinholtz's weird-and-it-works nurse Morgan (RIP MADtv) to Chris Messina's swoonworthy Danny, whose flirty banter and undeniable chemisty with Mindy intensifies their will-they-won't-they relationship. Kaling's show biz connections, from costars of The Office to SNL regulars, have made for guest appearances that will make comedy nerds squeal with joy. –Diana (Instagram|Twitter)[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXOUIsu-E0Q&w=640&h=480]Homeland (Showtime — season premiere 9/29, Sunday 9/8c)If you're interested the intense drama and action that goes on at the CIA, this is the show for you. Two-time Emmy Award winning actress, Claire Danes, plays a bipolar CIA agent who believes a celebrated war hero that just returned from 8 years in captivity may have "turned" and is plotting to take down the U.S. Throughout the series, she does everything in her power to prove her theory, but she faces multiple hurdles and eventually is faced with defeat. With a heart-stopping explosion to the CIA HQ last season, I'm eagerly excited to see what's to come this season and how Danes' character plans to figure it all out. By the way, this is a six-time Emmy Award winning show! –Kristen[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5t9etQ8dhMY&w=640&h=480]Key and Peele (Comedy Central — Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c)Keegan Michael Key & Jordan Peele (once again, RIP MADtv) are undeniably having a major cultural moment. President Obama invited them to the White House after watching the sketch that satirizes his stoicism, "Obama's Anger Translator." Nearly every Key and Peele video placed online goes viral, and for good reason. The show is extremely meme-worthy and its short, riotously funny bursts of comedy ranging from political satire to poop jokes, epitomize our ADHD generation. I'm impressed by the show's social media strategy, with a spin-off web only series that has the main characters satirically reviewing their own show, and hordes of shareable content on the K&P web properties. The third season has aired two episodes thus far; bringing back beloved characters, Key and Peele are weaving an extremely self-referential world, and it's rewarding for both long time watchers and new fans. These guys relish in taking EVERYTHING a little too far... football, substitute teachers, pizza delivery calls, couples, and dubstep. The New Yorker waxes poetic on the racial topics this comedy is bold enough to address, but there's no need to get analytical if all you wanna do is laugh your head off. Do yourself a favor and watch this show!! –Diana