Facebook Gets More Expressive with New Reactions

Yesterday, Facebook announced that it would launch a test of Reactions, a more expressive version of its signature Like button. It's not the Dislike button that everyone has been asking for, but it is the smarter approach to remaining simple and respectful on social media where cyber-bullying and abuse can run rampant. Zuckerberg has previously mentioned his desire to create a way for users to express empathy on the platform, rather than upvote or downvote posts.According to the Facebook announcement:

"Reactions gives you new ways to express love, awe, humor and sadness. It's not a dislike button, but it does give you the power to easily express sorrow and empathy -- in addition to delight and warmth."

Users in Ireland and Spain get to explore this feature first before it is improved and then launched worldwide.

TechCashmere Agency