Event Review: .party() Combines Music, Gaming, and Art

Last night, I experienced what happens when people who are passionate about technology and music get together to create art. I knew very little about the event going into it, except for the fact that Skrillex would be DJing and it would be produced by Production Club, a Los Angeles event production company responsible for producing some of the biggest acts in dance music including Skrillex's Mothership Tour in 2014, Jack Ü's Madison Square Garden performance and several Coachella stage designs. It was called .party(), and I had received an invitation in my email several weeks ago that I promptly forgot about until 6:30pm last night.The description on the .party()'s mysterious website reads, ".party() is an event series created by Notch in 2012 and produced by Production Club. These events pop up around the world because of our passion for music, gaming, and the fine art of partying." Aside from that, there isn't really much you can take away from the page.As we walked through the revolving door and into the room, it became clear that this was no average warehouse party. Twelve large projectors lined up equidistant from one another along the circular dome projected 3-D visuals across the entire ceiling. ASCII art flashed across the marquee and glitched as it traveled across the screen, giving the impression that we were stuck in a computer game. When Skrillex showed up for his set, an alien space ship pulsed above the DJ booth, giving the impression that we were all about to get abducted to another planet. Actually, for a few hours, it really felt like we had been transported to another world.Check out the teaser video for the Los Angeles event below, and keep an eye out for an event in your city.https://vimeo.com/130733072 

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