Empire Season 2 Premiere

Last night was the return of Fox's breakout hit series Empire. The Season 2 premiere tallied a total of 16 million viewers, just shy of its record-setting freshman finale of 17.6 million total viewers. The narrators have insured everyone that this season is going to be just as crazy as the last. Emmy-nominated actress, Taraji P. Henson aka Cookie, opens with a #FreeLucious concert in the middle of New York City. There are cameos from fashion powerhouse Andre Leon Talley, Al Sharpton, and Don Lemon to name a few.From just the first episode we can take away that we are going to see a different role from Jamal since he taking over the Empire. With Lucious locked away in prison, it will be interesting to see how the season could unfold. Entertaining enough, Chris Rock plays a gangster which may seem absurd to most. However, with the many guest stars and ever-changing storylines, the show is just fun to watch.