Hangry? Eat24 Launches New Super Bowl Ad With Snoop Dogg and Gilbert Gottfried

Eat24, the popular food ordering and delivery mobile app, is fairly new to the industry. With over 300K restaurants in over 1500 cities, the growth of this app is staggering. This year, Eat24 has joined some of the largest brands in the world with their very first Super Bowl television ad. Instead of waiting until Sunday to release the video, Eat24 decided to introduce their 30 second spot to the public via Snoop Dogg's YouTube channel, WestFestTV. With over 1M subscribers on the channel, the large audience offers a new direct-to-consumer viewing experience ahead of the big game. Check out the new commercial featuring Snoop and Gilbert Gottfried below and feel free to share with your friends, trust me, they will thank you later.Download the Eat24 app HERE[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgxYSbtp9JE]