Devon Still and Caitlyn Jenner Move Masses at the 2015 ESPY Awards

Whether you are into sports or not, last night's ESPYs had some very inspiring moments to offer. One of our favorite moments was Devon Still's speech about his daughter Leah Strong, who has been battling cancer and, in Devon's words, "has put life into perspective" for him and, "taught him more about life than he could ever teach her."And then there was Caitlyn Jenner's highly anticipated first public appearance since the announcement of her gender transformation, as she accepted the Arthur Ashe courage award. And if anyone was still doubting whether her receiving the award was justified or not, her speech made it perfectly clear just how well-deserved it really was. Making a bold move with her highly publicized gender transformation at age 65 to raise her voice and demand better education and mutual respect for everybody was certainly a much needed statement.Watch the two speeches in full length below and watch additional videos from last night ESPYs here.