Everyone Can’t Stop Talking About Netflix’s New Hit Show ‘Dear White People’

Netlifx premiered its latest original series last Friday, Dear White People, a based of the 2014 woke comedy film of the same name. The series is not exactly a sleeper hit. When the show was first announced, many alt-right audiences sparked the #BoycottNetflix hashtag over the perceived anti-white themes of the show.Judging a show before its premiere proved to be a mistake. The show, much like the film explores themes of racial tensions behind the faux-liberal and progressive façade of college. The series does not take sides and goes after both color-blindness and wokeness among its diverse cast.C-1zsGcWsAEnnk4Since its release, the show has scored a rare 100% Fresh on movie critic aggregator Rotten Tomatoes.Not only is the series a hit with critics, Dear White People has sparked conversation across social media. Positive sentiment of the show celebrates the series' themes and topics of racism and wokeness, while negative sentiment online seems to be sparked by the show's incendiary title.Much like its fellow 100 percenter Get Out explores how the black experience navigates the world of white privilege, whether it’s a gated community or an Ivy League university.